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Are You Developing A Culture That Works?

Are You Developing A Culture That Works?

Gerald Leonard and Jack Canfield






“Gerald, thank you for the sneak peek at your newly released book. I enjoyed reading the metaphor of how a great culture is like an orchestra. You can’t make beautiful music and enjoy harmony without a commitment from all to play their part. You must have the right leadership, and the right players, playing to their strengths. I work with companies all the time on building inclusive and high-performing workplace cultures, and your analogy is spot on as to what the end result should look like. Having a proper PPM process in place will certainly contribute to their achieving high-performance harmony. Thank you for sharing your expertise and strategies for how company cultures can be great, in sync, and high performing.” 

shirley-davisShirley Davis, Ph.D., CSP, SPHR, SHRM-SCP President of SDS Global Enterprises, Inc.; Business Executive; Workforce Management Expert, Author of Reinvent Yourself: Strategies for Achieving Success in Every Area of Your Life

Jim Cathcart“So many of us are either music lovers or musicians as well as business people that this book has a wide audience. Gerald Leonard is an exceptional person in both fields. He understands systems and cultures and processes plus he is a world-class professional musician. I’ve performed with him in the National Speakers Association’s “All Star Band” and was amazed by his rock-steady performance and his unbelievable versatility. He can do Mozart or Elvis or you name it! You’ll learn a lot about systems and organizational culture in this book while being engrossed in Gerald’s stories about his family, the companies we all know and admire and the back stories of what makes things work.”

Jim Cathcart – Mentor, Strategic Advisor, Motivational Expert, Sales Consultant, Entertainer & Author of 18 books including The Acorn Principle and Relationship Selling, international bestsellers.

Shep Hyken“Love the analogy/metaphor of music being compared to business. There are lots of similarities, as you show us. As a musician myself, I’ve often thought about how the two are similar – and how interesting it would be to create a speech, or in your case a book, around the topic.”

Shep Hyken – Customer Service Expert, Keynote Speaker & New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of Amaze Every Customer Every Time and The Amazement Revolution


Can you imagine going to a music performance, (any type will do) and the musicians are not playing together? Each of them is buried in their own musical performance with sound cancelling headphones on. They are not in sync with either tempo, or volume. Each of them playing every note perfectly. Does this sound like something you would want to spend an evening listening too? amazon-logoEvery day companies fail to compete in the market and grow because of a poor Project Portfolio Management (PPM) culture. Without a culture that’s driven by strong PPM processes, committed leadership team and empirical data for decision-making, there can be no balance, harmony or unified vision. Everyone would be buried in their own processes, but no one is driving the company toward a unified goal. Even if the smaller systems are working, they are only cogs in a larger system, which will eventually break down.
The true value proposition of an effective PPM capability is that it enables an organization to achieve a data driven decision-making process, engages senior leaders throughout the company and creates a true competitive advantage that delivers a standard of excellence in strategy implementation and execution that consistently produces and exceeds stakeholder expectations and project outcomes by:

  • Reducing risk
  • Maximizing ROI
  • Speeds realization of business value
  • Drives effective organizational change
  • Creates an organizational culture that works!

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